Why Shetland Milk

Why Shetland Milk

Our milk is the freshest, least processed and therefore most natural and nutritious available here in Shetland.

Fresh really means fresh

It is only a matter of hours between milking the cow and the fresh pasteurised product being available in the shops.

The best environment and welfare standards

Shetland’s clean environment and the high standards of animal welfare maintained among our dairy herds is reflected in the quality of milk we produce.

Minimal processing

We then do as little to it as possible so it remains as close to its natural state as can be achieved while still ensuring it is safe to drink.

Quality assured

Samples are taken from each farm, and at various points throughout processing, and are tested at the National Milk Labs in Glasgow. Together with farm hygiene audits, this forms part of a rigorous quality monitoring process to ensure the highest standards of milk available for our customers.

Fresh really means fresh!